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The Lansdowne World War Monument honors those Lansdowne High School students and Lansdowne residents who died while serving in the military during World War I. 1917-1918 This granite Beaux-Arts style monument, designed by Lansdowne resident Clare…
The Henry Albertson Subdivision Historic District includes 71 houses built between 1884 and circa 1940. The district boundaries correspond to the residential subdivision of Henry Albertson's (1834-1895) 24-acre estate during Lansdowne's early evol…
Erected in lasting memory of the men and women of Fernwood who served in the wars of their country Dedicated July 4, 1948
This baseball team, whose home was here at Hilldale Park, won the Eastern Colored League championship three times and the 1925 Negro League World Series. Darby fielded Negro League teams from 1910 to 1932. Notable players included baseball hall of…
Lord, God of Hosts, be with us yet, lest we forget-lest we forget. Dedicated to the memory of all U.S. War Veterans, who here rest in peace, awaiting the call of the supreme commander to their justly earned reward of eternal glory. The combined ve…