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In Honor of All Who Served Dedicated to Stanley B. Hojnowski · Leonard Skoniecki Jr. Walter M. Novak · Thomas Zaremba who gave their lives defending freedom [Dedicated] Nov. 1989
Dedicated to the men and women of The Community of Nanticoke who devotedly served their country in American wars
American Legion Nanticoke, Penna. Post 350 proudly dedicates this memorial to the men and women who served their country with pride and unselfish devotion [Armed Forces Emblems] Dedicated November 11, 1978
A special tribute to the anthracite coal miners, to whom our nation and its people owe a debt of gratitude for their courage, strength, and bravery, which have enriched the lives of everyone. This memorial is an eternal testament of our gratitude…
Named for Nanticoke Indians from Maryland, who settled here about 1750. Adopted in 1753 by the Six Nations, they settled at Chenango, near Birmhampton, N,.Y., to guard the "Southern Door" of the Confederacy.
In Memoriam World War I World War II Louis J. Bieda · Benjamin Blaskowski Leonard Blaskowski · Michael K. Buczkowski Leonard S. Chesko · John A. Gerasymowicz Leon Gonshor · Roman Kroszkiewicz Al…
The only one-armed man to play major league baseball. Born and resided in Nanticoke's Hanover section. As a child, he lost his right arm in an accident. Named Most Valuable Player of the Southern Assn. while playing for the Memphis Chicks in 1944.…
Notable for early use of International Style architectural concepts in creating "model" industrial housing. Located ? - mile north of here. The homes, built by the D L & W Railroad's Coal Division for forty Truesdale Colliery employees, were opene…