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This monument is erected to honor the memory of the countless thousands of miners and laborers who toiled in the near-by coal mines of Park Place and Bull's Head. Their courage at work and their devotion to their families have left a proud legacy…
This stone marks the site of a former Indian village, occupied after 1743 by a band of Munsee, under Chief Capoose. About 150 feet east of this spot stood a famous apple tree, under which the Indians held their councils. This tree was designated a…
On the nearby flat was located an Indian village under the chief, Capoose. It was settled by Munsee following their removal from the upper Delaware valley after 1743.
Isaac Tripp, Scranton's first settler, built a house here in 1771. His son, Isaac II, began the present building - the oldest in Lackawanna County - about 1778. Both men represented this region in Connecticut's Assembly. Isaac III enlarged the hou…