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This parish was founded in 1746, at Huntington, by the Rev. Richard Locke to whom the Episcopal churches in Carlisle and York also owe their founding. Civil War Building July 1863
John Sadler deeded this land to the trustees of the Presbyterian Church of York Springs (then known as Petersburg) on October 4, 1858. The chapel was destroyed by fire in 1897 and a new church building was erected on Main Street in town. Prominent…
Gen. Rodes' Confederate troops, returning from Carlisle to join Lee's army, camped here the night of June 30. The next morning, July 1, they marched west toward Biglerville, then known as Middletown.
Gen. Early's Confederate troops, marching from York to join Lee's army, camped, June 30, three miles to the east. Arriving here next morning, they turned south toward Gettysburg, on orders of General Ewell.
This is the oldest Methodist place of worship in this region. Built originally in 1773. Rebuilt in 1849, the second building is still standing about a mile north of this point on the side road.