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On June 26, 1922, Captain Hamilton and Gunnery Sergeant Martin perished in the crash of their de Havilland DH-4B dive bomber on the property of the William Johns Farm, near the location of this marker, during the U.S. Marines training maneuvers an…
In mid-July 1863, Mathew Brady and his crew set up a stereoscopic, wet-plate camera here and recorded what is arguably the most iconic of all Civil War photographs. The photo had been widely reproduced for more than a century when historian Willia…
Civil War Hospital Great Conewago Presbyterian Church Dressing Station and Burial Site July 2 and 3, 1863
In Memory of Wildlife Conservation Officer David L. Grove March 5, 1979 - November 11, 2010 Officer Grove made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty while protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth and its wildlife resources.
Near this spot on the afternoon of July 1, 1863, Lt. Col. George F. McFarland, 151th Pennsylvania Volunteers, fell severely wounded as a deadly Confederate crossfire swept Seminary Ridge. Struck in both legs, he fell instantly. A private hoisted M…
Built in 1803, this hotel served as a popular stopping place, providing lodging and entertainment far and wide. Today, the James Gettys Hotel carried on its historic tradition with suites named after the many domestic and commercial businesses hou…
Built by Dr. Theodore Thompson Tate in 1867, this double gable, board and batten cottage is a rare local example of the Carpenter Gothic Style popularized by the noted Landscape Architect Andrew Jackson Downing. Dr. Tate, a prominent local surgeon…
Services conducted here when local militia company, Independent Blues, left in response to Lincoln's Call in April 1861. Mary Virginia Wade, only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg, confirmed here, April 20, 1862. Church then on this …
The site of the Rogers House 1863
Near this site stood Samuel Gettys' tavern, at which on June 24, 1775 most of Captain Michael Doudel's company of riflemen was enlisted, from the Marsh Creek settlement, in prompt response to the call of the Continental Congress for volunteers. T…
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