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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1893 purchased the surrounding lands from the Mont Alto Iron Co. The State Forest Academy was established in 1903 on this site and in 1929 was merged with the Penn State's School of Forestry. Mont Alto continued…
The Commonwealth's first forestry school was established here at Mont Alto in 1903 and named the State Forest Academy in 1905. Among the first in the nation, it later merged with the Pennsylvania State University. Joseph T. Rothrock, the Commonwea…
(1883-1959) The first African American graduate of the Pennsylvania State Forest Academy here at Mont Alto and a member of the original class of 1906. A student & associate of Dr. J.T. Rothrock, Brock was Mont Alto State Forest Nursery superintend…
Pennsylvania's first professionally trained forester and co-founder and first director of the State Forest Academy begun here in 1903. A protege of Dr. Joseph T. Rothrock, Wirt advocated learning through theory and practice and set pioneering tren…
Built 1907-1909 by the students of early forestry classes from trees and sandstone in the nearby hills, Conklin Hall served as a dormitory until 1989. It was named for Robert Conklin, the Pennsylvania Commissioner of Forestry who supervised its co…
Near this spot Captain John E. Cook, of John Brown's Army of Liberation, was captured and disarmed on October 25, 1859 by Daniel Logan and others. He was hanged at Charlestown, Virginia, December 16, 1859.
Captain John Cooke, one of Brown's followers, was captured near here on October 25, 1859, nine days after the raid on Harper's Ferry. He was hanged December 16, two weeks after John Brown.