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When General Robert E. Lee's invading army overran the Union garrison at Winchester, Virginia, on June 15, 1863, elements of the 1st New York "Lincoln" Cavalry covered the retreat. Company C, under Captain William Boyd, continued to harass the Con…
(Front):To the memory ofCorporal William H. Rihl.Co. C. 1st N.Y.(Lincoln) Cavalry.Who was killed on this spotJune 22, 1863(Left):The First Union Soldierkilled in actionin Pennsylvania(Back):An humble but bravedefender of the Union(Right):Erected b…
Here on October 12, 1794, President George Washington is said to have taken breakfast while passing through the area to suppress the "Whiskey Rebellion." This tavern, ca. 1700's, was owned by Robert McCullough and was also known as The Mansion Hou…
This tablet honors the memory ofCol. John AllisonWho, in 1782, founded Greencastle. Allison's Tavern, which stood on this site 200 years ago, was the beginning point of the survey which resulted in the streets and building lots that formed the tow…
Commanded a detachment of Union cavalry that made a surprise attack on a larger force of Confederate cavalry on this square, July 2, 1863. Important papers for General Lee were taken from the men who were captured.
Here on June 22, 1863, the First N.Y. Cavalry attacked the Southern advance force of cavalry under Gen. A.G. Jenkins. Here died the first Union soldier killed in action in Pennsylvania. Corporal William H. Rihl of Philadelphia serving in a Pennsyl…
Over this route Confederate General R.S. Ewell's 2d Army Corps led Lee's invading forces on June 22, 1863. Next day Gen. Jubal Early, under Ewell's command, entered the state to the east, near Waynesboro.