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Pennsylvania's Liberty Bell Replica. . Exact full size replica of the Liberty Bell Specifically cast for the Pennsylvania Exhibit at the New York World's Fair, 1965 and presented to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by the sponsors of the exhibi…
By 1929, Harrisburg's growth as a freight and passenger rail hub in the eastern United States necessitated the introduction of new rail interlocking technologies to guide the convergence of high volume locomotive traffic through the city. At that …
Excluded from a May 1865 "Grand Review of the Armies" in Wash., DC, U.S. Colored Troops from Penna. and Mass. regiments assembled here at State and Filbert Sts. on Nov. 14, 1865 for a parade honoring their courage during the Civil War. Grand Marsh…
The first State Capitol on this site was designed and built by Stephen Hills, 1819-1821. It was first occupied by the Legislature on January 2, 1822, and was used until destroyed by fire, February 2, 1897.
Since its creation in 1905, The State Museum of Pennsylvania has collected, preserved, researched, and interpreted the cultural and natural history of the state. Over the years, the museum has greatly expanded its collections and modernized its pu…
This tablet erectedbyThe Veterans Associationof the 104th Cavalryand the active membersof the regimentin memory ofthe officers and menwho died in serviceof their countrydedicated 12 June 1971on the fiftieth anniversaryOrganization of the104th Armo…
Erected by the State of Pennsylvania 1868. Commemorative of her citizens who lost their lives during the War with Mexico in 1845, 47 & 48.