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Soldier and statesman, born December 31, 1880, on this site. Chief of Staff, United States Army, 1939-45. General of the Army from December 1944. Secretary of State, 1947-49, and Defense, 1950-51. Author of Marshall Plan for European recovery. Awa…
From 1944 until 1946, about 800 women of all ages met 600,000 troops who passed through the B&O Railroad station. From offices here, volunteers furnished food and drink 24 hours a day and chauffeured personnel to their homes.
Founded by Henry Beeson, who built a blockhouse on site of the county jail in 1774. Uniontown gained importance with the building of the National Road after 1811.
One of the six original toll houses on the Cumberland or National Road. It was built by the State after the road was turned over to it by the United States in 1835. The road was completed through this section in 1817-1818.
In 1808 Finley obtained the first US patent for a suspension bridge. His first rigid chain bridge, which once spanned nearby Jacob's Creek, exemplified the ingenuity of Finley's design. Bridges following his patented design were built in several o…
Built by Thomas Gaddis about 1764 on the Catawba trail, as a place of refuge from the Indians. Gaddis was later a colonel in the Pennsylvania Continental Line during the Revolution.
Formed September 26, 1783 from Westmoreland County. Named for the Marquis de Lafayette. Among the French and Indian War sites here is Fort Necessity. The county seat, Uniontown, was incorporated 1796. On the National Road, eventually US Route 40.
Born in Uniontown on December 31, 1880 and known as "Flicker" during his youth, General of the Army and Chief of Staff. George Catlett Marshall was the organizer of the Allied victory in WWII and later served as the Secretary of State and as Secre…
The path to freedom led this way for slaves fleeing the South in the years before the Civil War. Here, they were given haven and helped along their journey by local people, through one of the key stations on the Underground Railroad, in a house on…