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This tablet marks the birthplace of the aluminum industry in the United States. On the site of this building the Pittsburgh Reduction Company, now Aluminum Company of America, late in November, 1888, produced the first commercial run of aluminum b…
Hall's invention of electrolytic manufacture of aluminum was first applied to commercial production in 1888 by the Pittsburgh Reduction Company, which later became Alcoa. This process, developed here, made the commercial use of aluminum possible.
Historic LandmarkAllegheny Cemetery Incorporated1844
Historic LandmarkPittsburgh Brewing CompanyBuilt 1886Nic Kessler, Architect
Louis & Michael Beezer Brothers, architectsJohn T. Comes, designer1903
America's beloved composer of folk songs and ballads was born nearby on July 4, 1826, and lived in the Pittsburgh area most of his life. After achieving fame in writing songs for Christy's Minstrels, he gradually declined in health and died in New…
Name of a Delaware Indian village that covered this site from about 1731 to the French occupation, 1754. It was the Allegheny River terminus of the Raystown Indian and Traders Path from Carlisle to the west.
Long a major producer of lubricating grease for industry, transportation, and the military. In World War II, supplied 5,000,000 pounds of "Eisenhower grease," vital to the war effort. Founded here in 1885, by Grant McCargo. After 1929, part of Sta…
Pittsburgh native and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, 1979. Here Unitas quarterbacked semi-pro Bloomfield Rams to a Steel Bowl Football Conference championship in 1955. Signed with the Baltimore Colts in 1956, leading them to an NFL championsh…
Designed by Benjamin H. Latrobe and constructed in 1814. The Arsenal was used as a military garrison, in the manufacture and storing of supplies during the Civil War, Indian Wars, and Spanish American War.