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At this site on October Twentieth, 1770, George Washington dined at the home of Alexander McKee.
St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church 1922 Carlton Strong, architect
Pressed Steel Car Company provided worker housing at substantial cost to employees, keeping them in constant debt. During the 1909 McKees Rocks strike against the company, immigrant workers were evicted from their homes. The evictions led to the A…
The noted jurist lived here. Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, 1952-68. A presiding judge for the War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg, 1947-1948. State legislator, 1929-31. Veteran of two World Wars. Author of 16 books. Buried in Arlington National…
Largest Native American burial mound in Western Pennsylvania (16 feet high & 85 feet wide). It was hand-built by the Adena people between 200 BC and 100 AD and later used by the Hopewell people. Late 19th century excavations uncovered 33 skeletons…
On July 14, unskilled immigrant workers led a strike against the Pressed Steel Car Company. Strain among the strikers, replacement laborers, and state police erupted into a riot on August 22. Eleven men were killed near this footbridge. Strikers w…