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As Lewis wrote in his journal, "The Perogue was loaded as his (has) been my practice since I left Pittsburgh....an hour after we had got under way....found she had sprung a leek and had nearly filled; as her load consisting of articles of hard-war…
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The great Ohio River - and the Beaver River that flows into it - played important roles in attracting settlers to the Rochester area. Two hundred years ago, the rivers here served as main transportation routes, sources for industrial water power a…
In the 1880s, the heart of Rochester lay on the flat stretch of land along the Ohio River. The main road, Water Street, was a perfect location for businesses for many reasons. Proximity to the rivers and railroads meant heavy supplies could easily…
By 1851 the railroad had arrived at Rochester. Rail transit had been developed in the year before and had finally spread through Pittsburgh and surrounding western Pennsylvania towns. Railroads were built on flat surfaces - one commonly flat lo…
Before bridges, ferry boats did a brisk business transporting passengers and their goods from shore to shore. But sometimes even ferries couldn't get through the area's frozen rivers in winter time. It was in 1815 that the first bridge spanned …
Oakland United Presbyterian Church was organized in 1870. A frame building was erected in 1872 on this site, donated by Thomas Boggs. Three pastors served the congregation: Reverend J.C. Evans, Reverend J. Patterson, and Reverend J.A. Hazlett. The…
Saint Peter's Lutheran Church was organized April 9, 1849. Services were held regularly until 1973, when the congregation merged with Trinity Lutheran Church of Freedom to become Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.
Built by Beaver Valley Traction Company to increase trolley ridership. 2 roller coasters, carousel, diner theatre, dance hall, dark ride, and grandstands with a racetrack and ballfields. In 1929 an Olympic pool was added. The rides were gone by 19…
Most residents of the village of Georgetown worked on riverboats. In 1803 Meriwether Lewis and the Corps of Discovery stopped here to buy a canoe to replace a leaky boat. Lewis later discovered the canoe also leaked. The visit was celebrated in 2003.