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Each year on Friday after Labor Day, the Grand Prix Festival of Watkins Glen celebrates the community's rich road racing history and the first post-World War II road race in the United States. The event is dedicated to the committee of the Chamber…
On this spot the green flag dropped for twenty-three sports cars to start the first road race in the United States after World War II. It was October 2, a beautiful, crisp Saturday in 1948. The event, sanctioned by the Sports Car Club, of Amer…
In 1953 the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Corporation moved the circuit to a spot six miles southwest of the village, very close to where the circuit is presently located and racing continued on public roads for three more years In 1956 the 2.3 mile…
Morvalden EllsOpened this Book of Nature as a Private Enterprise, July Fourth 1863 Now Watkins Glen State Park. A Scenic Wonder of the World
Luther Cleveland and wife sheltered fugitive slaves here, and helped them on their way to Canada