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First Village Schools SIte of the 1898 red brick school and 1911 high school. Both were replaced in 1936 with the T L R Morgan building. Present school district is located on Woodbine Ave.
The Falls of Irondequoit Creek dropped 90 feet in a mile called "Sgoh-Sa-Is-Thah" by the Indians, later gave power to many mills.
Lincoln House Built in 1841 home of Andrew Lincoln owner of Lincoln Flour Mill. Nearby Spring Lake Park named after his mill pond.
Dedicated by the Citizens of East Rochester in Honor of Those Who Served in the World War 1917-1918
This bandstand is dedicated to Nick Verzella for his many years of educational services to the sons and daughters of East Rochester. He also served our country during World War II and continues to play an active role in Memorial Day and Veterans D…
Eddie James "Son" House Jr. Father of the delta blues worked at the E.R. railroad carshops on this location from 1944-1946 East Rochester local history
Penfield Station Built in 1884, it served as the main freight/passenger terminal for the New York Central Railroad until 1900. It continued as a freight house until the 1960s when it became a local commercial establishment. East Rochester local hi…
School District No. 9 formed 1822 in towns Perinton & Pittsford First school built 1835 Later brick and stone school was used 1856 - 1898
Ontario Drill Works Grain drill manufacturer considered the "Cadillac" of grain drills Ontario St. named after them Located here 1900-1961 East Rochester local history
Construction began in 1899 It was built in three sections by Harry Eyer, a local real estate developer Destroyed by fire in 1914, it was rebuilt on its present site. E.R. local history