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Fort Niagara became a prisoner of war (POW) campon June 12, 1944, to house Axis captives fromincreased Allied victories in World War II.One of 500 such camps in the United States,Fort Niagara became the central command postfor 13 branch camps thro…
This battery was an importantfactor in defense of theNiagara frontier in War of 1812so named because salt bagswere used in its construction
American warships silencedthe British guns after2 hours of hard fighting.The Americans hadcaptured Fort George andthe British retreated.
The 40 Mile Desert, beginning here, is a barren stretch of waterless alkali wasteland. It was the most dreaded section of the California Emigrant Trail. If possible, it was traveled by night because of the great heat. The route was first travel…
July 24, 1759At this location British troops set defenses against French reinforcements, intent on breaking the British siege of Fort Niagara. Though outnumbered, the British repelled the advance and assured the fall of the Fort. Their supply rout…
On the Battlefield ofLa Belle FamilleFather Claude Joseph Virot S. J.Chaplain of the French forceswas killed by the IroquoisJuly 24, 1759.
?—-?Site of BattleLa Belle FamilleJuly 24, 1759, decidingBritish capture ofFrench Fort Niagara
On bank of river to westis site of Fox Point Battery,fifth in series of batteriesextending south from FortNiagara during War of 1812
The promontory at the outlet of the Niagara River into Lake Ontario was a strategic point for controlling the route to the interior Great Lakes region. The French early recognized its importance, and LaSalle, in 1678, and Denonville. In 1687, erec…
In 1944-1945, Fort Niagara Prisoner of War Camp housed interned German and Austrian soldiers, sailors, and airmen captured in North Africa and Europe.