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The Sinking Ponds Site was home to Native Americans for thousands of years prior to the establishment of the Village of East Aurora by Euro-American settlers. Sinking Ponds is a Native American archeological site occupied repeatedly for thousands…
Known to locals for generations simply as "The View". This 180-degree vista and iconic part of the Town of Aurora's agricultural heritage gives the community the perfect place to catch a glimpse of a sunset or gaze westward over unbroken meadow an…
Baker Memorial United Methodist Church circa 1928 has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Founded by Elbert Hubbard, writer, lecturer, philosopher, advertising innovator and author of "A Message to Garcia". The crafts movement employed skilled artisans who produced printing, bookbinding, modeling, text illumination, hand wrought metal …
In 1825, Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States, helped build this house to which he brought his bride, Abigail Powers, in 1826, residing here until 1830. Moved from original Main Street site 1930. Tablet placed by Abigail Fillmore …
in 1803 Joseph Ellicott with Jabez Warren, East Aurora's pioneer settler, surveyed and laid out Middle Road, also known as Big Tree Road, for the Holland Land Company. It extended a distance of 43 miles from the Genesee River to Lake Erie includin…
Elbert Hubbard The "Sage of East Aurora" and benefactor of the arts and crafts based on ideals of John Ruskin and William Morris. Statue by eminent Irish sculptor and early Roycrofter Jerome Connor (1876-1943). Dedicated in 1930, the statue was er…
Built 1831 by Martin Taber to accommodate travelers to Buffalo.Located on Indian Trail which laterbecame Aurora-Buffalo Plank Road. Property was in Mile Strip, first part of Elma to be developed from Buffalo Creek Reservation