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Dedicated 1912. Education Department Offices; State Library; State Museum; Exhibits; Open to Public
2006 Preservation Merit Award Adaptive Use
Dedicated to the memory of the men and women from The 10th Ward who served their country in time of war
Erected by The City of Albany July 22, 1928 in memory of those who served their country in the Spanish-American War —————————— William S. Hackett John Boyd Thacher 2nd. Mayor…
Named in memory of Mayor John Townsend 1829-1830 and 1832. Prominent banker and public servant
traveled this road on his tours of the Mohawk Valley 1782 and 1783.
Philip Henry Sheridan, General United States Army. Born Albany NY. March 6th 1831, Died Nonquitt Mass. August 5th, 1888. Erected by the citizens of Albany and the state of New York under chapter 100 of the laws of 1914. Commissioners: Governors…
Named in honor of the Marquis de LaFayette who commanded troops at Albany in 1778. Returned here in 1784 on his way to Fort Schuyler was entertained by the State of New York and the City of Albany during his visits in 1824-1825.
The New York State Organization National Society Daughters of the American Revolution honors the courage and valor of more than 41,000 patriot troops in the line. The levies and the militia from New York Colony and State who left their homes and f…
Established in 1882, a hill on the site required the removal of 10,000 loads of sand and clay filling a gully on the north side of Elk Street where present houses were built. Albany 300 - 1686-1986 - Still making HistoryErected by Albany Tricen…