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An extraordinary figure in the socialist and anarchist movement of the late 19th century, German-born Justus H. Schwab lived with his family and operated a saloon at 50 East 1st Street for nearly 30 tears. Schwab's saloon was an epicenter for so…
This house was once the home of Washington Irving New Amsterdam 1783 - Tarrytown 1859
27 Cooper Sq. Bowery Arts & Beats You are standing in front of an 1844 townhouse which was converted in the 1960s from a cold-water flop to home and gathering place for a newly developing, inclusive avant-garde. Poets Amiri Bakara and Hetty Jone…
Site of the Fillmore East (1968-1971) Fans of live rock, folk, and blues music streamed through this entrance during the brief but memorable life of the Fillmore East. The great concert promoter Bill Graham brought The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Jo…
On this site once stood the Lowe's Commodore Movie Palace, The Fillmore East Theater and The Saint discotheque Dedicated in celebration of all those who came to watch rock and dance.
This is the site of the former St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church (1857 to 1940) a mostly German immigrant parish. On Wednesday, June 15, 1904, the church chartered the excursion steamer, General Slocum, to take the members on the 17th annual …
This building, originale two private houses, was remodeled for Samuel J. Tilden in the early 1870's by Calvert Vaux, one of the designers of Central Park. Tilden, Governor of New York, 1874-76, and candidate for the presidency in 1876, resided her…
Beth Israel Medical Center purchased Manhattan General Hospital in 1964 and established a comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment facility to ease a problem plaguing New York City. Winthrop D. Chamberlin and Barnet L. Liberman purchased the prope…
St.George's was founded in 1749 as the first chapel of Trinity Church and was located at Beekman and Cliff Streets. Peter G. Stuyvesant donated part of his farm in 1846 and construction was immediately begun by a then independent St. George's. …
The National Arts Club was founded in 1898. Early members include Robert Henri, Frederic Remington, Daniel Chester French, Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt.