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Erected by American Legion Post #146 in 1942. Located on the former Asa Austin Farm, volunteers observed and reported planes overhead and traffic on the Rancocas Creek. Removed at the end of war.
In 1912, eight acres of land were made into a park-like cemetery. Unattended, it fell into disrepair. By 1971, the last remains were moved to Monument Cemetery in Edgewater Park.
Built in 1918 as a four room schoolhouse for grades 1-7. Brick veneered in the late 1930's during a WPA project. Closed in 1995 and demolished.
First named the Laurel Run Methodist Episcopal Church. Erected near Laurel Run in 1841, the original building was moved to this site in 1869. The present church was built in 1880.
Opened in 1840 and originally owned by a group called the Christian Brethren. Later named Fairview Christian Cemetery. Currently, has no owner but maintained by the members of Trinity Church.
Property originally owned by a local religious group. The church was built in 1838 and sold to the Episcopalians in 1845. The congregation continues to celebrate its historic use.
Beeker, Volney; Burk, James R.; Cooper, L.C.; Hamlin, Daniel; Hamlin, Elmer; Hoey, Frederick E.; Kairitis, Paul; Kendall, Daniel; Powell, Ross E.; Rodman, R.H.; Scott, Vincent, Jr.; Willard, Robert J. Boche, Gary A. (Viet 68); Tieman, William E. …
Tieman, William R. "Viet 68" Boche, Gary A. "Viet 68"
This Tablet is Erected in Honor of the Boys of Delanco N.J. Who Served Their Country in the Victorious World War for Democracy 1917 - 1918 Army Rufus Alden; Frederick Austin; Daniel Blackburn; Albert Borden; Walter Bracey; Clarence I. Branson; Gi…
On July 1, 1924, Babe Ruth hit a home run on this Athletic Field in a game between Delanco and the Burlington County All-Stars. Over 5000 baseball fans attended this historical baseball game.