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In 1779, a system of 23 alarm posts was established throughout the State. These alerted local militia to assemble at predetermined locations. In Old Bridge, a hill west of Higgins Road was used as one of these signal posts. The exact nature of the…
The oldest house in Matawan, stands on lot no. 8 of original grant made by the proprietors of East New Jersey to Thomas Warne. Operated as a tavern during the Revolution by Major Thomas Hunn, a rendezvous of Philip Freneau and other patriots
Site of church and graveyard of Matawan's original Scots settlers. The church was built in 1734. The graveyard added in 1763. The church was burned by Tories in 1777 and the Rev. Chas. McKnight taken prisoner. The deed was held by the Monmouth Pr…
Philip FreneauDiedDec. 18th1832Aged 80 years11 months and16 daysHe was a native ofNew Yorkbut for many yearsa resident ofPhiladelphiaand New Jersey.His upright andbenevolent characteris in the memory ofmany and will remainwhen this inscriptionis n…
"Poet of the Revolution" ? ? ? ? ? Eloquently fired the spirit of the people with poems and ballads promoting the cause of liberty. Friend of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, published the Jersey Chronicle, first newspaper in Monmout…