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Route of the 1776 British & Hessian invasion.
Built about 1867 for the Charles J. Everett family, this house was designed by famous architect Richard Morris Hunt in the Swiss Chalet style. Everett was noted as an inventor. In 1919 it became the home of Harvey Dunn, a prominent artist whose st…
Built in 1872 when George Huyler donated the land and a third of the cost. Residents and the Northern Railroad of New Jersey shared equally in the balance. Designed in High Victorian Gothic by Architect Daniel T. Atwood, the station opened in 1874…
This house is a fine example of Dutch Colonial architecture. The south wing of the house was built by Roelof Westervelt in 1745. The land had been purchased by his grandfather, in 1695, from the Lord Proprietores of East Jersey. The central sectio…
Stands on land purchased by William P. Christie for 500 pounds for 100 acres. In 1804 he built his home. Following his sudden death, in order to be fair to the many heirs, the house and the land were sold at auction to three buyers. In 1836 Samuel…