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This Viewpoint extends the museum sites of the Connecticut Impressionist Art Trail - Connecticut's Millennium Legacy Trail - to the outdoor settings that artists portrayed at the turn of the 20th century in a manner that came to be called American…
State Historic Landmark For over two hundred years the Chester-Hadlyme Ferry has provided public transportation at this site. The first crossing was initiated by Johnathan Warner of Chester in 1769. Known as Warner's Ferry, it was privately opera…
In Honor Of The Men And WomenWho Gave Their LivesIn Order To MaintainPeace For All MankindDedicated July 4, 1998
As early as the 1640's settlers from Saybrook cleared and planted land on the east side of the Connecticut River in what is now Old Lyme. The first recorded grant of land, in 1649, was to Matthew Griswold in the Black Hall quarter. By 1665 the in…