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Newly arrived in Springfield in 1889 to work at the Jones and Lamson Machine Company, James Hartness soon rose to President. A natural leader, he played a vital role in the creation of "Precision Valley". Internationally respected in the machine t…
Born in Springfield, Vermont in 1890, daughter of Governor James Hartness and wife of U.S. Senator Ralph E. Flanders, Helen Hartness Flanders became an internationally recognized ballad collector and authority on folk music. Among her many endeavo…
Stellafane Observatory Has been Designated a National Historic landmark This Site Possesses National Significance In Commemorating the History of the United States of America 1989 National Park Service United States Department of the Interior
In 1811 Consul Jarvis brought from Spain to his farm in Weathersfield Bow the prized Merino sheep, whose longer fiber revolutionized the woolen industry and stimulated sheep raising throughout the East. In the 1830's Merinos were the state's princ…
The Eureka Schoolhouse, constructed between 1785 and 1790, is Vermont's oldest one-room school and one of the few surviving 18th century public buildings in the state. It was originally located in the "Eureka Four Corners," northeast of Springfiel…