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This American Liberty Elm was named after "The Liberty Tree: Our Country's first Symbol of Freedom." On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the hated Stamp…
U.S. Navy NAAF Charlestown, R.I. On Friday, March 2, 1945 at 2215 hours, Grumman F6F-5N Hellcat Buno 71418 crashed shortly after takeoff from runway 22, where it exploded and burned on the ice-covered waters 500 Ft off shore. LTJG Ken…
In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country in the recent wars of the United States Thru these portals pass the hottest pilots in the world
Text on the Front (North) Side of the Monument: Erected by the State of Rhode Island In Memory of General Joseph Stanton Jr. First U.S. Senator from Rhode Island Under the Constitution from 1790 to 1793 U.S. Representative from 1801 to …
South of this spot is located Fort Ninigret marked by the State of Rhode Island as a memorial of the Narragansett and Niantic Indians. The unwavering friends and allies of our fathers.
Memorial OfThe Narragansett And Niantic IndiansThe Unwavering Friends AndAllies Of Our FathersErected By The State OfRhode IslandDwight R. Adams Cmrs Wm. P. SheffieldGeo. Carmichael Jr. /1883