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With malice toward none with charity for all [Dedicated] September 1939 This monument is presented to the Citizens of Hingham by Everett E Whitney in fond memory of his father Jason W Whitney his mother Lydia A Whitney his wife Katharin…
This flagpole was erected and dedicated on June 14, 1986 through the determination of Robert F. Beal, Jr., Vietnam Veteran and kind generosity of Thomas Hastings In memory of the POW/MIA's still held in Southeast Asia With the continued s…
Erected in 1681, it is the oldest church structure in the United States to have been used continuously for public worship. Samuel Lincoln, original American ancestor of Abraham Lincoln, worshipped here regularly.
Samuel Lincoln, ancestor of President Abraham Lincoln, and one of the eight early settlers of Hingham bearing that name, purchased this land in 1649. Seven generations of Lincoln descendants lived here.
In grateful memory of Reverend Peter Hobart and that company of English men and women who founded the town of Hingham, landing near this spot in September, 1635
First Meeting House raised shortly after the gathering of the church in 1635 within a palisade.First Burying Ground, First School House built prior to 1661.Fort erected in 1676.These landmarks were located upon this hill, the westerly part of whic…