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In Memory of All Veterans
In Memoriam World War I George W. Bryant · Frederick A. Busby · Thomas R. Dorr Richard J. O'Brien · Willard C. Pike · Herman H. Scheffer Clinton E. Smith · Earl W. Worboy In Memoriam World War 2…
Constructed with tools & materials used in 1753 for the Williamstown Bicentennial
Built in 1756 on this house-lot Number Six under decree of the Great and General Court of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in compliance with urgent appeal from the homesteaders it served as sole refuge from their allied foes the French and…
Built in March 1756, as westernmost stockade and blockhouse to protect Massachusetts from French and Indian attack. Defended on July 11, 1756 despite the scalping of three soldiers.
Built in 1768 and removed in 1797 to make way for the second Meeting House, completed 1798 and destroyed by fire January 21, 1866.
This Honor Roll is presented to the Citizens of Williamstown by the Richard A. Ruether American Legion Post #152 and is dedicated to all Williamstown Veterans who served during war-time. Revolutionary War 1775-1783 [Honor Roll of Veterans]…
To the memory of the men of Williamstown who gave their lives for their country in the World War Francis Aubin, Cornay, France, October 20th, 1918 George W. Bryant, At Sea, February 23rd, 1919 Frederick A. Busby, Argonne Forest, France, Oct…
Dedicated to all Veterans through peace or war Their memories will never die
The northerly part of this house is one of the earliest extant structures in town. Built about 1767 in "regulation" size, it was enlarged to become a salt box. In the mid-1970's it was completely rebuilt and enlarged to its present form