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Built circa 1770 by John Dickey of Ireland, via Albemarle County, Virginia. Original site located on Quinn's Road, Tryon, North Carolina. Now called Wilson Chapel Road, Bullock Creek Township, York County, South Carolina. Home of Richard Sherer…
FrontThis church, founded in 1788, predates the present town of Fort Mill and has occupied four sites in the vicinity. The first church, a log building, stood about 2 mi. NE in a community known as "Little York." It burned in 1804. A log church wa…
(Front):This house was built ca. 1806 for planter John Springs III (1782-1853), who served in the S.C. House 1828-34 and was a partner in several banks, railroads, and textile mills before the Civil War. His son Andrew Baxter Springs (1819-1886) e…
The National Registerof Historic PlacesYork CountyCourthouse
[West Side]:1860Dedicated tothe faithful slaveswho, loyal to a sacred trust,toiled for the supportof the army with matchlessdevotion and sterlingfidelity [and] guarded our defenselesshomes, women and children duringthe struggle for the principleso…
HereCol. FergusonFellOct. 7, 1780
→October 6, 1780BritishRoute of March
(Side A)This church, which held services as early as 1760 about 1 mi. E, gave its name to a Scots-Irish community in this area before the Revolution. It was formally organized in 1769 by Rev. William Richardson. In 1771 John Fondren donated land h…
Having crossed the Catawba at Nation Ford, April 27, 1865, the President of the Confederacy fled south along this road following the fall of Richmond. He was accompanied by the remaining members of his cabinet and a detachment of cavalry under Gen…
[West side]Remembering how they resisted oppression and injustice, defended truth and the right, fought for their native land, enduring hardship and sacrifice. We assume the sacred trust of perpetuating their memory with love and devotion.Comrades…
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