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Sylvester started as a "beautiful nowhere" in 1893 and was first established as "Isabella Station". When Brunswick and Albany Railway came through southwest Georgia, the county seat was Isabella, which is located three miles no…
Military road from Georgia Mountains to St. Marks FloridaCut by James Thigpen for Col. Moore of Carolina
Thigpen Trail, oldest military road in Georgia, was cut by James Thigpen to transport military supplies of Col James Moore, former Carolina governor. It followed a wellbeaten trail of the Indians from the mountains to the sea in use before the era…
This County created by Act of the Legislature Dec. 20, 1853 is named for Maj. Gen. Wm. J. Worth of Mexican War fame under whose command served Maj. William A. Harris, a leader in the organization of the new County. Among the first County Officers …
In 1702 a decisive battle took place along the nearby Flint River. Nine hundred Apalachees, in league with the Spanish, fought here against English traders and five hundred of their Creek allies. Forewarned of an impending attack, the Creeks arran…