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In memory of those from this community who served our country, especially those who gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice. 1950 Korea 1955 Ralph E. Baker, Cpl. Army, KIA 5 May 1951 1961 Vietnam 1975 James A. Marshall, 1Lt. USAF, MIA 18 June 1…
[encircling] Independence, Justice, Liberty [front & back] Arcadia War Memorial, Dedicated to the memory of our soldiers - sailors and marines of all wars World War II Vincent L. Finewood, U.S.A. 1945; Albert N. Fisher, France 1945; Charles J. Fr…
This House erected in 1830 was a station of the Underground Railway in the days of slavery.
Site of Former POW Camp The camp housed 70 to 80 German prisoners during World War II July 23, 1945 - December 2, 1945
Marion Settled in 1795-6 by pioneers from Rhode Island and Massachusetts, was organized as a town April 15, 1826
1800 First Tavern kept in Marion was located on this site.
First Log House in Marion was erected on this site in 1795 by Henry Lovell
Jackson School. One room cobblestone school house opened in 1831 for School Dist. No.6 Towns of Lyons & Arcadia. Claosed 1947. Sold 1959 to private owners.
The Fox Sisters On this site event of March 31, 1848 began sisters Maggie and Kate Fox's central role in the origin of modern spiritualism
The Birthplace of Modern Spiritualism Upon thi site stood the Hydesville cottage, the home of the Fox sisters, through whose mediumship communication wiht the spirit world was established March 31, 1848. Ther eis no death. There are no dead.
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