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A captain in thearmy of the Republic of Texas1836A captain in theSomervell Expedition1842Representative and Senatorin the Texas LegislatureBrigadier Generalof Hood's Brigade C. S. A.
Organized in 1839. Here Sam Houston was converted and baptised in Rocky Creek in 1854. The present building was erected in 1872
This church has historic ties to Independence Baptist church. In 1871, following Emancipation, former slaves established their own congregation, naming it in honor of their new freedom. The church, which began with 150 members, held services in a …
When the widow of Sam Houston died of yellow fever during the epidemic of 1867, the danger of contagion made it impossible to carry her to Huntsville for burial beside her husband. She lies here, with her mother, Mrs. Nancy Lea, near the sites of …
R.E.B. Baylor, for whom Baylor University is named, was a prominent leader in diverse arenas of public service: military, judicial, political, educational, fraternal and religious. A Kentucky native, he served in the War of 1812 and the Creek Indi…
Margaret Moffette Leawife ofGen. Sam HoustonApril 11, 1819 - Dec. 3, 1867and her motherNancy Moffette LeaMay 1, 1780 - Feb. 7, 1864women of character, culture and staunchdevotion to their families and church,each in her own way greatly influencedt…
A San Jacinto veteranBorn in TennesseeApril 7, 1812Died July 27, 1901
One and one-half miles southGeneral Sam Houstonwas baptized byRufus C. Burleson,Baptist minister andpresident of Baylor University,November 19, 1854in Rocky Creek
In 1845, the Republic of Texas chartered Baylor University at Independence, and it began on the west side of town on Academy Hill. Shortly, work on a second campus began here at Windmill Hill (Allen's Hill). James Huckins developed a site plan and…
On this sitestood one of the early buildingsof Baylor Universityerected for boys in 1851, andtorn down in 1934The institution was incorporatedFebruary 1, 1845under thelaws of the Republic of Texasnamed forRobert Emmett Bledsoe Baylorwho with Rever…