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Lieutenant General ***C.S.A.*** Brigadier General Commanding Second Brigade Stevenson's Division May Second - July Fourth 1863
Dedicated to the Tennessee Confederate Soldiers Who served in Defense of Vicksburg
Brig. General C.S. Army Commanding First Brigade Loring's Division Johnston's Army Cadet U.S. Military Academy 1841 2nd Lt. U.S. Army Dec. 6, 1846 First Lieutenant Oct. 9, 1846 Captain November 30, 1856 Resigned May 31, 1861 Capt. C.S. …
Col. 10th Tenn. Infty Killed in Battle May 12, 1863
Lt. General C.S. Army Commanding Department of Miss. and East Lousianna Cadet U.S. Military Academy 1833 2nd Lt. 4th Art. July First 1837 First Lt. Mar. Nineteenth 1842 Captain September Sixteenth 1850 Resigned April Twenty-Fourth 1861 B…
President Confederate States and Commander-in-Chief Cadet U.S. Military Academy 1821 2nd Lt. 1st U.S. Infantry July 1, 1828 1st Lieut. Dragoons March 4, 1833 Adjt. Aug. 30, 1833 to Feb. 3, 1834 Resigned June 30, 1835 Col. 1st Miss. Rifles J…
Brigadier General Lloyd Tilghman C.S.A. Commanding First Brigade of Loring's Division Killed May 16 1863 Near the close of the Battle of Champions Hill Miss
Built in the late 1830s, Wexford Lodge is the only surviving wartime structure in the park. Better known as the Shirley House, the building was the home of James and Adeline Shirley. Although they were both northern born, their three children, Fre…
After weeks of digging with picks and shovels, Union fatigue parties reached the Third Louisiana Redan before you. Excavating a tunnel underneath the fort, the Federals planted 2,200 lbs. of black powder, and detonated the mine on the afternoon of…
After 47 days under siege, the battle could only end in surrender—or a dramatic rescue. Inside Vicksburg, General Pemberton faced harsh realities—one third of his troops were too sick to fight, their drinking water was contaminated, th…