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Civil War Vol. Co. K. 102 Ill. Inf. Pioneer - 1868 First Physician Village of Moundville Pauline Hardy Ashbaugh "Aunt Jennie" 1846 - 1936
In honor of thosewho serve their countryin peace and conflict. [Dedicated] November 11, 1988
The small area (about 12 by 10 miles) where Osage Village State Historic Site is located, contains almost all of the Osage sites and early French and American sites relating to the Osage in Missouri. 1. Osage Village SiteThe site on which you a…
The main source for information about the Osage Indians' daily life is in the ground beneath us. Like pages of a book, archaeology can reveal stories about who the people were and how they lived. Information is revealed not only by the artifact…
American Attitudes Toward The OsageIn March 1804, the United States took possession of the Louisiana Territory, almost doubling the size of the United States. This provided growing space for an expanding population. The Lewis and Clark expedition …
Hunting and furs were already important factors in the Osage way of life and Europeans capitalized on this. By trading furs for articles manufactured by Europeans, both groups got something they wanted. While the Indians got kettles, axes, hoes, k…
Marquette and JolietThe first reference to the Osage Indians was in 1673 when Louis Joliet and Father Jacques Marquette descended the Mississippi River from the Great Lakes and stopped at the mouth of the Missouri River. They collected information…
This flagpole and base were erected in 1960 by L. F. Richardson, member of the Board of Trustees of Cottey College, 1949-1957. Mr. & Mrs. Richardson gave to Cottey College in 1950 its first international scholarship, opening the door for a prog…
Side AFinancial center and shipping point, this prairie town was founded in 1855 as the seat of Vernon County, fertile farming and coal producing area. Col. D. C. Hunter, who laid out the town, named it for Nevada City, Calif. The county, legally …