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Far Left Case: World War IEarl Baum · Dewey Taylor · Raymond Cope · Charles R. Wooden · Chester Staley · Dale Knight · Gilbert Jordan · Louis Mosier · Victor Mingee · Walter McNesse…
Center MemorialWorld War IServicemen from TiltonLeft Column:William E. Arnold · Jack Ashbaugh · Christ Benekas · John Lester Billman · Harry H. Blue, Sr. · Elbert O. Bolser · Milton Burlin · Ray C. …
They made this community the melting pot of nations and proved that men of all nationalities and creeds can work and live together. "To the men who went to work below allowing the top to build and grow giving their labors in brawn and sweat cre…
In Honor ofAllWho Have ServedWho Are ServingWho Will Serve Left Bench In Honor of Our Veterans Right Bench In Honor of All Patriots Within glass cases are names of local veterans who have served or are serving our country's military.
In memory of our men & women in the Armed ForcesWorld War IIFirst Column :Elmer L. Alcorn · Frederick V. Alcorn · Lamoine T. Alcorn · Robert H. Allison · George Anderson · Marvin E. Anderson · Ernest Atteb…
World War IWorld War IIKorean / Vietnam / Desert Storm(The names of approximately 530 servicemen are included on the memorial. These names can be viewed at the link included below.)
Abraham LincolnTo commemorate Lincoln's visits to Joseph Kirkland's home in Tilton during late 1850's
Large Marker Dedicated to the Pioneer Jet Aviators of the Korean War During the 50th Anniversary Commemoration and the Illinois State Convention of the KWVA, Deptember 15, 2002 Lower Marker U.S.A.F. F-86 Saber JetThis aircraft represents …
Upper MarkerThis property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Lower Marker Local Historic LandmarkDanville HistoricPreservation CommissionDesignated March 27, 1991
PotawatomiA Trail of DeathSandusky Point EncampmentSeptember 17 - 20, 1838This marker dedicated September 21, 1993by descendants of the Patawatomi who were forcibly removed from Indiana and marched to Kansas in 1838.