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Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Town of Marbletown who devotedly served their country · World War I · [Died in Service] Howard Frame [Honor Roll of Veterans] · World War II · [Died in Service] …
For many years before and after the Revolution, the public business of the Town of Marbletown was transacted here.
In colonial church which stood here, 1778, settlers fortified themselves, and successfully fought off attack of Indian raiders.
Home of Tom Quick, bought from Harmon Hekun, Indian, 1676: Quick was killed by Indians and his son slew many Red Men in revenge.
Rev. Nucella preached, 1695 Log church built, 1700 2 stone churches, 1743, 1860 2 other churches burned Present, 6th on same spot
Principal of this school, 1870-71 Chief Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals, 1897-1904 Candidate for President of U.S.; 1904
Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Rondout Valley who served in our wars
Dedicated to the memory of those who perished April 19, 1995 in the Oklahoma City bombing.
Bevier Family Widow Elizabeth Bevier Age 62 Her Sons Solomon Age 29 · Josiah Age 23 —————— Sax Family Widow Johannah Sax Age 59 Her Children Mariah Age 29, Peter Age 23, Hester Age 18, Doroth…
Dedicated to the Soldiers and Sailors of the town of Wawarsing in grateful recognition of their services and sacrifices in defence of the Union 1861 - 1865
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