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Established, 1813. Named because it was halfway between Pennsylvania and the old salt wells on the Kanawha above Charleston. The "Jug Handle" on Middle Island Creek is one of the noted beauty spots of the Ohio Valley.
Charles Wells settled here in 1776 and the first county court was held at his home. The town was named in 1815 for the Wells sisters and was incorporated in 1839. A ferry across the Ohio was established here in 1818.
Side A "Big Moses" Well Drilled on Joshua Russell farm 2 mi. North on Polecat Run. Almost abandoned because of presence of salt water, the well was made producer by Ludwig and Weeter's introduction of technology to siphon off water. Drilled to B…
This 84 ft. standard rig built in 1911 was used for drilling to the Big Injun Sand, 1481 ft. and pumping the well for many years. The derrick is being restored with labor and original equipment donated by the production department of Quaker State …
Located near here are the graves of Sistersville founder Charles Wells and many of his descendants. Used from 1815 to 1925, the site includes 46 known graves, most from the 1800s. In 1832, Charles' son Eli built the home 'Welkin', with its fine ar…