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has been designated aNational Historic LandmarkThis site possesses national significancein commemorating the history of the United States of America1987National Park ServiceUnited States Department of the Interior
After the 1857 Fire, many generations of immigrants made this modest structure their family home. The new tenants applied their special touches, redecorating or expanding it to suit their needs. At times, they saved money by using salvaged materia…
Established by Charles Maisson and a group of French goldseekers in 1851. Gold discovered in nearby Long Gulch in that year. At one time 300 miners lived here and traded at store, ruins of which are west of this monument. Regular pack trains broug…
This building was built as Madame Louis' French Laundry in 1856. The area to the right has remained a garden since 1852. In 1976 Grace Burns deeded as a gift cabin to U.O.P. which had used the property since 1952. State purchased it in 1991.
SiteSt. James Church1854 - 1915
In recognition ofEarl PurdyThe builder, developer and manager of the Dodge Ridge Ski Area from 1950 to 1976.
In MemoriamHon. Jesse M. Mayo1903 - 1953State Senator, authorof legislation creatingColumbia Historic State Park
At this historical site in 1850, over 3,000 prospectors worked. Over 10 million Dollars in Gold was extracted from Italian Bar & nearby "diggins".It is now private property owned by The Lost Dutchman's Mining Association. No camping without per…
In Memory of the Hildreth Partyof Prospecting Miners Thadeus HildrethGeorge HildrethJohn WalkerAlexander CarsonBilly JonesJohn Walker found gold near here on March 27, 1850, which led to the founding of Columbia
Completed in 1860 by innkeeper David Hayes in anticipation of the soon to be completed Sonora-Mono Toll Road.By 1865 with the toll road completed, wagons, stages, and pack trains used the station as a mail, relay, and rest stop for weary travelers…
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