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The usual ship's carpenter was a Northerner - a Scot, a Finn, a Swede, a Norwegian, or a Nova Scotiaman. All of these were superb woodworker and equal to the to the variety of tasks found on shipboard. For instance, windjammers always carried sp…
Placed on the National Register of Historic Places October 2, 1992
Instituted May, 1881 Building dedicated March 4, 1900 Included in Red Bluff-Tehama County Branch of the American Association of University Women Victorian Tour
Construction of the jail by Casper Cobb, began Sept. 9, 1884. Supervisor John Simpson was given credit for pushing the approval through the Board of Supervisors. On Oct. 6, the board accepted the completed building at a cost of $1,153. The jail wa…
Founded December 10, 1979 Built by Molino Lodge No. 150 and Tehama City School Corner Stone States Dedicated 1859 Listed in the National Register of Historical Places June 1980
This turnstyle bridge served the California & Oregon Railroad Co. It was surveyed in September 1870 and was completed in August 1871. The bridge was first crossed by the steam locomotive "Falcon" and by the "Clipper" the following day with one pa…
"At Lassens ... saw many of the emigrants arriving here. They are broken down with the fatigue. Young men made old & stiff. Many dying with dysentary, fever, scurvey" - Pardon Tiffany, Oct 10, 1849 Guidebook available Tails West Inc. P.O. Box 1…
Prior to 1877, this site was owned by Wm. J. Harrison as part of a 63+ acre spread. In 1894 Harrison sold the property to his daughter, Anna Louise and her new husband, Archie delaMontnya for ten dollars gold. Archie and Annie raised four sons her…
Manton by the 20th century had an estimated population of about 2,000 people. Logging, ranching, and the power company were the main sources of employment in the area. There were up to eight schools in the Manton area with an estimated 200 childr…
James E. Moore, the son of Irish immigrants, worked as a blacksmith in the logging camps of the late 1800's. It was there that he met his wife Mirah who was employed as a cook and laundress. In 1910 he founded Moore's Blacksmith Shop which served …