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In 1827 a Methodist Society was formed in this community, then known as Washington. On February 16, 1828, representatives of the congregation purchased a parcel of land for the purpose of erecting "a house or place of worship" for its members. The…
So named in 1706. This hundred together with Lewes and Rehoboth, Broadkill, and Cedar Creek Hundreds, formed what the early settlers called "Old Sussex."
Created 1873 by Act of General Assembly from the southern parts of Broad Creek and Dagsboro Hundreds.
During the spring of 1779, Methodist pioneer Freeborn Garrettson visited this area to bring the message of his faith to the people. The efforts of Reverend Garrettson and others who followed were met with considerable success. Numerous "societies"…
By the 1840's, a group of local Methodists were meeting nearby in Jones School. Desiring a permanent place of worship, the congregation built a church in 1857at a site one-half mile west of here. In 1861, Jacob Jones and his wife, Love Melson Jone…
By the late eighteenth century a Methodist Society had been organized in this area. In 1888, two years after the construction of Carey's Church, the first official Carey's Camp Meeting was held in the grove adjoining the church. These first meetin…
In the early part of the twentieth century, members of the Old Jones' Methodist Church began to search for a more central location for the congregation to worship. Although the land for the new church was donated by Sarah C. Collins in 1914, const…
Here stood the home of Col. Robert Hill Williams. After it was destroyed by fire his daughter Maria Elizabeth Williams Vale and her husband Ruby Ross Vale constructed upon the site the present City Hall and gave it to the City of Milford - an endu…
This Federalist served as the governor of Delaware between 1805-1808. He was born in Laurel in 1752, attended Old Christ Church, and is buried in this churchyard. Mitchell was commissioned as adjutant of militia 1775, promoted captain in 1776, and…
Established on Broad Creek in 1770 as a "Chapel of Ease" of Stepney Parish, Maryland on land purchased by a levy of 80,000 pounds of tobacco. Building completed by Robert Holston in 1772 at a cost of ?510.
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