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This windmill was used for pumping ground water on the Powell Estate in Sayville, L.I., N.Y. It was located at the foot of Handsome & Greene Aves on the Great South Bay.It was moved by Arthur O'Dell in 1914 to his farm on the west side of Johnson …
This structure is a replica of one found in St. James, NY. The lean-to roof line on this shed is characteristic for 1860 construction, which included board and batten siding seen here as well.
This wood structure was located in East Islip on the grounds of Pineacres, the estate of Percy Williams (1857-1923) a medicine man, comedy star, land developer, vaudeville theater owner, and philanthropist. Pineacres had 48 wooded acres on the sho…
This 12-acre site was set aside by Islip Town in 1974 as a repository for 19th century structures that were threatened with demolition. Islip Town garnered the support of community groups to create a rural, pre-Civil War village with the structure…
These buildings once stood on the north side of Montauk Highway in Oakdale on what was the Newton-Benjamin property which dates back to 1800. Mid-century, the property was sold to Henry Ocker's, a Dutch immigrant, and his son Jacob (Jake) and beca…
The stucco cottage was built by George Robinson and was located on the northwest corner of Main and Greene Streets in Sayville. Used by Lillian Robinson as a real estate sales office and as the Bicentennial Cottage in 1976.This location was used a…
This Greek-Revival structure was built by Captain Benjamin Tuthill in 1850 and was located in Sayville, NY. It was sold to John F. and Lizzie Case in 1907. Lillian Robinson purchased it from Case descendents in 1946. The house was donated to Islip…
In honor and memory of these men who gave their lives in mortal combat with enemies of our country Edward J. Krotz, Jr.   Normandy Michael E. Davis     Plei Me Thomas Poldino     Dau Tieng
This is the site of the birth of the American wireless. A pioneer station here in 1901 first talked with ships at sea. Guglielmo Marconi
(Upper Panels, east and west:) Somme · St Mihiel · Aisne-Marne · Meuse-Argonne (Lower Panels, east:) Michael Ambrose · Amos H. Bailey · Theodore Babbitt · Wesley C. Bailey · John …
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