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Honoring Women of the Armed Forces
In honor of our Gold Star Families and in the memory of their sons and daughters who gave their lives while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America Greater love hath no man
Second oldest Episcopal Church in constant use in America
Richard Haviland Smythe, Architect Harry and Lawrence Lyons, Builders The American Corinthian or Cornstalk motif columns are copies of those designed by Benjamin H. Latrobe in 1809 for the old Supreme Court Chamber in Washington. They are re…
The Cross-Island Trolley line traveled from Halesite, Huntington to its southern terminus at the Amityville docks, from 1909 to 1919. Trolley passengers could transfer to ferries bond for the barrier beaches.
First Guided Missile September 11, 1916 Here Lawrence B. Sperry first demonstrated to the U.S. Navy the Perry Aerial Torpedo - the first guided missile. Presented by Sperry Gyroscope Company during 1960, centennial year of Dr. Elmer A. Sp…
Episcopal parish org. 1847. Church & rectory built 1880. Norwegian stave design Richard M. Hunt, Architect W.K. Vanderbilt, donor
Every contract for every vessel built in Port Jefferson stated that the ship was to be "Delivered Afloat in the Harbor." In the early days, Port Jefferson had several shipyards surrounding the harbor including the Bayles, Hawkins, Darling, and Mat…
When a vessel was launched, it slid down the rails of the "well-worn ways." The rails in the pathway on either side of you were once part of the "ways" and were uncovered in 2007 while building Harborfront Park. From 1836 to 1917, over 140 ships w…
Historic Home Site c 1654 - 1659 of Capt. John Underhill The renowned military leader and Indian fighter in New England, New Netherlands and on Long Island, lived on this Feather Hill site. The Later Site of Historic Peck's Inn …
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