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June 20, 1803 President Thomas Jefferson's instructions to Meriwether Lewis on river exploration: "The object of your mission is to explore the Missouri river, & such principle stream of it, as, by its course & communication with the wat…
The Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery was established by joint resolution of Congress in 1866, among the first burial grounds officially designated in the wake of the Civil War. Under the care of the Veterans Administration, the facility is ope…
Dedicated to the memory of Merchant Marine Seamen and Navy Armed Guard who gave their lives in World War II in the service of their country United States Merchant Marine World War II Losses Ships - 731 Merchant Seamen - 6700 Navy Arm…
Dedicated to and in remembrance of the Marines and FMF Corpsmen who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom Dedicated September 28, 2013 —————————— No better friend, no worse…
The Third Infantry Division was organized on November 21, 1917, and was in France by March, 1918. On July 18 it distinguished itself in defense at the Marne River at Chateau-Thierry, 45 miles northeast of Paris. Thus, the proud motto: "Rock of the…
Yeoman F. · Navy Nurses WAVES · Spars Navy Women · Women Marines Dedicated May 9, 1998
They who died are the Chosen Ones We who survive are the Chosin Few KIA — 3,375 WIA — 6,000 MIA — 192
This monument is dedicated to the 52 United States Submarines lost during World War II and their crewmen and officers who perished in that war. Erected in 2003 by the surviving members of the Ill-Mo Rebel Squadron, a chapter of the Unit…
Dedicated to the memory of those who served with the Fourth Marine Division Roi-Namur Feb. 1, 1944 Siapan [sic] June 15, 1944 Tinian July 24, 1944 Iwo Jima Feb. 19, 1945 Dedicated Sept. 24, 2005
In memory of Navy and Coast Guard Sailors who served on Destroyer Escort and A.P.D. Ships Dedicated Oct. 25, 2003