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← Colonel Morgan Crossed Creek Here And Assaulted British Camp
C. 1807 Home Of Abijah Peck (1758-1848) Founder And First Pastor Of Clifton Park Center Baptist Church
Church, C. 1830 Clifton Park Center Baptist Church Formed 1794 By Abijah Peck, Whose Home Is Located Across The Road.
You are standing in Waterford at the junction of two of New York State's largest rivers - the Hudson and the Mohawk. Here, the Erie Canal meets the Champlain Canal. From this place, you can travel by water to anywhere in the world! The New York S…
Welcome to Waterford, Eastern Gateway to the New York State Canal System. Dutch fur traders settled here in the 1630s, where Mohican families once forded the Mohawk River below the Cohoes Falls. By the late 1700s, sea captains brought their sloop…
The Oldest Incorporated Village in the United States A National Historic District
A colonial ford across the Mohawk River from which Waterford derives its name.
Bank robbers entered this building early Oct. 14, 1872, roused the cashier, and forced him to open the safe. After binding & gagging all occupants, they left with half-million dollars worth of cash, securities and jewelry. Once they were caught,…
Site of the colonial Eagle Tavern, a leading haven of area rebels during the American Revolution. Operated by Gerardus van Schoonhoven. Famous guests included Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
Site of the historic Lysander Button Fire Engine Manufactory, 1850. Builders of the famed Button Steamers and Hand-Pumpers.
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