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Originally built in the garden behind the Twins Inn. This gazebo was donated to the city of Carlsbad by Neiman's Village Faire and moved to the Rotary Park in 1950. It was restored through the generous assistance of the Carlsbad Evening Rotary Club.
In 2007, the gazebo had fallen into disrepair and was facing demolition. A group of Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotarians and community leaders led by L. John Simons, assembled to consider moving and restoring the gazebo. With help from many in the community…
Originally built by Eddie Kettner, Proprietor of the World Famous Carlsbad Twin Inns. This granary was donated to the City of Carlsbad by Neiman's Village Faire and moved to Magee Park in 1985. It was restored through the generous assista…
Centennial Park Original site of the Coronado Ferry Landing 1886-1969 Dedicated November 13, 1986
Coronado Historical Landmark Mann House - 1926 Dedicated 1981
Construction Started February, 1967 Bridge Opened to Traffic August, 1969 California Bridge Authority Governor Ronald Reagan · Lieutenant Governor Ed Reinecke · Secretary of Business & Finance Gordon C. Luce · Direc…
Coronado Historical Landmark Seavey House - 1887 Dedicated 1980 Coronado Historical Association
Santa Fe Depot 1915 In tribute to the Atcheson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Pioneers of The Western Movement Placed by Dist. XIV California State Society Daughters of the American Revolution November 16, 1985
Heritage Hall was built in 1926 as the original sanctuary of St. Patricks Catholic Church. In 1952 it became Carlsbad's first city hall and police station; in the 1960's the first library, the first children's library and later a ballet stud…
In May, 1936, the Rotary Club planted this starpine for the citizens of Coronado. This tree given by Emily T. Thompson in memory of her husband Charles.
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