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On this site in 1900, Coronado Beach Company opened Tent City for vacationers on a budget. Until 1939, thousands of people from Southern California and beyond vacationed here between June and September, enjoying the fresh air, nightly concerts, da…
Coronado Historical Landmark First Firehouse Site - 1892
In November 29, 1924, the Navy's first aircraft carrier, the USS Langley, tied up to the pier at the naval air station at North Island. A converted coal transport, she had a flight deck 500 feet in length and could carry more than 30 aircraft. …
Six weeks after the arrival of the USS California in San Diego Harbor, aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss established a flying school in an inlet just across the bay to your left where you are standing. There he trained Lieutenant Theodore Ellyson and…
Historical Landmark San Diego #58 The Livingston House AKA The Baby Del Built in San Diego 1887 Relocated to Coronado 1983 Private Residence
Until the 1980's, carriers launched aircraft with a wire cable, or bridle, which pulled the aircraft down the catapult track. At the end of the track the aircraft detached from the bridle as it flew off the bow. After the aircraft separated, the b…
Originally built in the garden behind the Twins Inn. This gazebo was donated to the city of Carlsbad by Neiman's Village Faire and moved to the Rotary Park in 1950. It was restored through the generous assistance of the Carlsbad Evening Rotary Club.
In 2007, the gazebo had fallen into disrepair and was facing demolition. A group of Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotarians and community leaders led by L. John Simons, assembled to consider moving and restoring the gazebo. With help from many in the community…
Originally built by Eddie Kettner, Proprietor of the World Famous Carlsbad Twin Inns. This granary was donated to the City of Carlsbad by Neiman's Village Faire and moved to Magee Park in 1985. It was restored through the generous assista…
Centennial Park Original site of the Coronado Ferry Landing 1886-1969 Dedicated November 13, 1986
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