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Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe railway built San Bernardino's first permanent train depot in 1886 to meet the growing number of rail passengers and to house its Los Angeles division administrative and freight offices. This two-and-a-half-story wooden …
Directly to your right are examples of the types of pavements used in California highway building during the early 1900s. This road was originally part of the Old Spanish Trail, used by early California explorers and settlers as a stagecoach a…
Dick and Mac McDonald opened the world's first McDonald's Self-Service, Drive-In Restaurant on this site in San Bernardino, California, December 1948. They previously operated a successful Drive-In Barbeque Restaurant with Carhop Service on this…
Erected in honor of the brave pioneers of California in 1917 by pioneers Sheldon Stoddard, Sydney F. Waite, John Brown Jr., George Miller, George M. Cooley, Silas C. Cox, Richard Weir, Jasper N. Corbett
Minerva Hamilton Hoyt was a Pasadena, California gardener and civic leader who loved desert landscapes. She saw beauty in the desert where others saw an empty wasteland or an opportunity for profit. Mrs. Hoyt believed that outstanding desert lan…
Around the time of the Civil War, railroads were being built at a frantic pace. By the early 1870s there were 60,000 miles of track in the U.S., increasing to 250,000 by the 1930s. The war had produced a generation of young men used to living unde…
This Monument Is Dedicated To All Veterans Past, Present And Future
Too much to print, but can be seen in the photo.
By the mid-nineteenth century the San Bernardino Mountains and Valley were becoming enveloped with civilization. Travelers, merchants, families and explorers were constantly trekking the area, using the old Indian trails and logging roads that had…
The name Lugonia was suggested by Charles R. Paine then County Supt. of Schools Trustees C. E. Brink M. H. Crafts W. R. Tolles Teacher, George W. Beattie Monument Erected 1935
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