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Thomas Starr King 1824-1864 Courageous and inspirational San Francisco minister, stalwart defender of the Union during the Civil War, advocate of racial justice, admired educator and pioneering nature writer. Starr King was a Unitarian preache…
From Prairie to Park Prior to the arrival of Europeans in the late 1700's, this area was an open prairie, where roaming herds of elk and deer grazed on perennial grasses. By the late1800's, nearly all of the grasslands had been divided up into …
Historic St. Luke's Built 1884 ˜ organized as an Episcopal Mission 1901 100 yr. Celebration 12/16/84
R Street formed the boundary of a levee system that surrounded Sacramento. It also served as the base of operations for the State's first rail line, the Sacramento Valley Railroad. The line was designed by Theodore Judah, who also became the engin…
In 1975 Wayne Hultgren founded the Modern Transit Society of Sacramento to promote public transit as an alternative to the automobile and to alleviate congestion and air pollution. Under his determined leadership, the Modern Transit Society organi…
On July 13, 2005 Sheriff's Helicopter Star VI was patrolling the skies, when a catastrophic engine failure brought the ship to its final resting place on the north shore of Lake Natoma. This monument serves as a memorial to deputies Joseph…
Site of stables at Western terminus of Pony Express (1860-61), later used by blacksmith shops. Adjacent after 1892 fire, was built two - story Burke's Hall, a community center. Meeting place of Granite Parlor No.83, NSGW (1886-1958). Dedicated Fe…
Constructed during the early years of the Vietnam War, she was commissioned as a "Combat Supply and Auxiliary Support Ship" (AEO-1). At 793' and 53,000 tons, she is by far the largest ship in the U.S. Fleet to be named "Sacramento." With a crew of…
In MemoryofGeorge A. Lippiand Joseph F. SmithFirst World Warand all others who gavetheir lives and haveserved their country
Don Ray Building1869
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