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Purple Heart Memorial Dedicated To The Brave Men And Women Who Made Great Sacrifices While Serving Our Nation. You Are Our Heroes. Thank You For Your Service. November 2013
In memory of the 343 NYC Firefighters, 37 Port Authority and 23 NYC Police officers who gave their lives in the line of duty on September 11, 2001. The Dennis P. McHugh Foundation proudly supports our country's veterans. November 2013
★ Camp Shanks ★ "Last Stop U.S.A." More than 1.3 million troops departed this military facility to fight the Nazis in World War II. Trains took GI's from this location to ships that brought them to Europe. They fought …
Camp Shanks Bataan Road April 8, 2017 In Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Bataan Death March and In Honor of the American and Filipino Troops Whose Courage and Fortitude Inspired the Nation and the 1.3 Million Soldiers Who Embarked …
Camp Shanks Orangeburg, New York May 8th, 2005 60th Anniversary of Victory in Europe and the Return Home for Those Who Left Here to Fight For Freedom and to Help Make This World a Safer Place. It Has A Feeling and Emotion That We, the Protected…
Lt. Col. Michael L. Murphy USMC Age 38 Was Killed On December 11, 2000 While Test Piloting The Mv-22 Osprey Helicopter Semper Fi
The Blauvelt Lions Honor The Following Heros Who Gave Their Life For Their Country Cpl. Manuel Lopez U.S. Army KIA 4/12/05 Capt. Phillip Esposito U.S. Army KIA 6/8/05 Cpl. Steve Vahaviolos U.S. Marines KIA 5/11/06 Spec. 4 Justin Garcia U.…
In Memoriam Floris Willemse Krom By 1642 — 1706 Member General Assembly Province of NY High Sheriff of Orange County
1694     1969 The Reverend Guilliam Bertholf Founder and First Minister of The Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Of Tappan, First Settled Reformed Minister In New Jersey, Serving at Hackensack and Passaic 1694 - 1724 He Also Organized…
Tappan Historic District 1686 Tappan Permit Protected by the Town of Orangetown Local Law Est. 1965 Town Board of Orangetown
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