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Also called Fort Milroy. Fortified camp in gap at the crest of White Top of Cheat Mountain. Occupied by Federal troops during fall and winter of 1861-1862; repulsed threats in Lee's mountain campaign of 1861. Fort's command of the Parkersburg-Stau…
Tory CampsNear Harman can still be seen remains of two Tory camps where some British sympathizers hid during the American Revolution. They encamped here, 1775-1776, to escape laws enacted against them by Virginia. Seneca TrailThe Seneca Trail p…
In 1777, Indians killed Darby Connolly and several members of his family on Connolly Run. Other settlers were taken captive. At Indian Run in 1780, three members of surveying party under Jacob Warwick were killed by the Indians.
A federal New Deal project to move families back to the land during the Great Depression. Homes had water, electricity, barn, chicken coop, cellar and garden. Community had school, store, gas station, workshops, lumber mill, and quarry. U.S. gover…
Named for the Mingo Indians who had a village here. This tribe was a branch of the Iroquois. The Seneca Indian Trail passes this point. On Valley Mountain in 1861, Gen. Robert E. Lee camped while campaigning in this valley.
(Obverse)Elkwater Trenches made by Federal troops under Gen. Reynolds, 1861. Nearby were the two Haddan Indian forts, scene of the Stewart and Kinnan massacres. Important features of 4-H Club work among rural youth started here in 1915. (Rev…
(Obverse)Army Headquarters 1861 This village was held by Colonel George Porterfield until he was relieved of command by General Robert Garnett, (C.S.A.). In 1861, it became the headquarters of Generals George McClellan and J. J. Reynolds of the…
After the defeat in Philippi on June 3, 1861, Confederate forces retreated to this point. Gen. Robert S. Garnett was sent to Western Virginia to reorganize these troops and halt the southeast advance of Federal forces. Here on June 14, he creat…
Following success at Rich Mountain in July 1861, Federal troops under Gen Joseph Reynolds built Camp Elkwater to deter Confederates from returning. Fortifications here blocked the narrow valley floor and a turnpike leading to the Virginia Central …
One-half mile east is the site of Gen. R. E. Lee's Valley Mountain Headquarters where he camped with his troops from Aug. 6 to Sept. 20, 1861 while he directed the ill-fated Cheat Mountain Campaign.