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The Hotel James (aka James Hotel) was designed by Henry John Klutho, a nationally known architect of the Prairie School style from Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. Klutho designed two other buildings in Palatka. The recently restored Larimer Arts Center…
In Memory And Honor Of All Those Who Served The United States Of America In Times Of War And Peace
Dedicated August 25, 1973 in honor of Thomas A. Dexter Crescent City Commission Bobby L. Wiltcher-Mayor Commissioners Jimmy Miller Dudley Sargent Jack Deacon Jerry Ellis
Established to educate children of west Putnam County and surrounding communities, Melrose High School began in 1882 as a wooden building on Wynwood Street. In 1927, the school moved to this location when Putnam County constructed a new wooden bui…
Formerly known as the "Banana burying grounds," the Melrose non-denominational cemetery was established in 1860 by the Eliam Baptist Church, founded in 1859. The farming community of Banana consisted of small farms, a post office / general store a…
Since its beginning as the Literary and Debating Society in 1890, the Melrose Woman's Club has been a major contributor to community development. The formation of the Improvement Society for Melrose in 1891 was one of its first accomplishments. Th…
At this site, on May 23rd, 1864, Captain John Jackson Dickison, with men from the 2nd Florida Cavalry and a battery from the Milton Light Artillery, disabled and captured the Federal gunboat, Columbine. At the time, Union forces controlled the lan…
President Lyndon B. Johnson dedicated the start of construction of the 185-Mile long canal at this site on February 27, 1964
During the 1870s, Scotsman Charles S. Edgar mined kaolin clay deposits for the Edgar Brothers Clay Company of Metuchen, New Jersey. This clay was used to make heat- resistant bricks and hearth tiles. As the company expanded, Edgar began searching …
Established in May, 1838, this fort was one of the major quartermaster depots in Florida during the Second Seminole War. It operated under Gen. William J. Worth until he assumed command of the armies in Florida. Military facilities included a hosp…