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The Lock-Keepers. A long blast on a tin horn followed by the boatman's shout of "Hey-ey-ey! Lock! Aw, Lock!" summoned the lock-keeper to duty. Lock-keepers were hired to "attend constantly and diligently by day and night," during the nine month bo…
Swing-Gate Locks. Most canal locks were "swing-gate" locks, opened by pulling or pushing long balance beams that projected from the gates. . . Stone for the Seven Locks (locks 7 through 14) was cut and finished by stonemasons who were paid by t…
The name McAuliffe on the officer''s badge honors a prominent former resident of the Village, Colonel James S. McAuliffe, Sr., who served as Montgomery County Chief of Police for 16 vears and was a police officer for 42 years. Col. McAuliffe was a…
In 1890, One of the 252 Civil War veterans still living in Montgomery County was Elias Price. The Department of Census interviewed Price and other Civil War veterans living in the county, recording critical details including which side of the war …
With only the Potomac River between Montgomery County and the Confederate South, Seneca Mills residents were always close to impending troop activity. At the beginning of the war, the Seneca Mill community was worthy of consideration by the Uni…
This Property Is Listed in the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of Interior
W.K. Kellogg Hall commemorates this breakfast cereal pioneer and his personal commitment to 4-H. It was made possible by generous contributions from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, a major supporter of 4-H educational programs. The foundation's cont…
1. c. 1901 Kensington B & O Railway Station. [Photo by Frank Chapman] The Kensington Train Station was built in 1891 and still services the Metropolitan branch of MARC Trains. 2. c. 1949 3758 & 3762 Howard Avenue These buildings were renovated …
The millstone is from a private mill which was located on the stream along Kensington Parkway. The home was located south of Saul Road.
Dedicated to those from Kensington who served their country in the Armed Forces
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