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Historic Structure Built in 1913 Lucketts Virginia Lucketts School Has Been Placed on the National Register Of Historic Places By the United States Department of Interior 1993
(preface) After Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's stunning victory at Chancellorsville in May 1863, he led the Army of Northern Virginia west to the Shenandoah Valley, then north through central Maryland and across the Mason-Dixon Line into Pennsy…
After the Second Battle of Manassas, August 28-30, 1862, the Middleburg Baptist Church (to your right) served as a hospital for wounded Confederate Soldiers. Some of those who died there are buried in Sharon Cemetery, in front of you, the final re…
This property has been placed on the National Register Of Historic Places by the United States Department of Interior Circa 1840
This building Erected 1761 · Enlarged 1771 Restored 1868 Sheltered the Fairfax Meeting of Friends Formed in Waterford 1733 Monthly meeting set up 1745 Quarterly meeting set up 1758 Monthly meeting laid down 1929
At Ball's Bluff, near this town on the threshold of Virginia and the Confederacy, the invading army of the North was, on Oct. 21st 1861, utterly defeated and driven into the Potomac. This monument is erected to the memory of those who died in defe…
Has been placed on the National Register Of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
In Memory of the Heroic Dead of Loudoun County who gave their lives for their country in the Second World War and in Korea World War II Spitler H. Abell · Frederick F. Grossi Stanley C. Alder · Vernon T. Hackley …
In Honor of The Loudoun Citizens Who Served in Vietnam And in Memory Of Those Who Died Welby H. Grayson, III Richard B. Grigsby Jack Harris, Jr. David F. Helms Leonard W. Kidd Francis E. Manuel Weyland F. McCauley, Jr. Ralph W. Milbo…
Formed to commemorate the life ofDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And to bring together our community in celebration of his lifework and vision of racial harmony and equality for all Join us for our annual march held on the observed holiday startin…
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