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A ferry built by Adam Lightner in 1821 may have carried William Becknell's first trade expedition to Santa Fe in that year.
Flags at the Confederate Home of Missouri According to Confederate Home records, news clippings, letters, post cards and other images, the United States flag was flown routinely at the Confederate Home of Missouri. The Confederate Home board memb…
Stars and Bars Flag Adopted in March 1861, the Stars and Bars was the first national flag officially used by the Confederate States of America (CSA). Seven stars represented each of the seven original states of the CSA. The flag gained stars as m…
The Confederate Home Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 800 people. It was established early in the history of the Confederate Soldiers Home of Missouri. The first interment was in 1891; the last occurred in 1950 when John T. Grave…
Confederate Battle Flag This battle flag, often called the Southern Cross flag, is the flag most often associated with the Confederate States of America (CSA) today. The Army of Northern Virginia first used the design as a square flag. Confederat…
To those men who bore the battle and to their wives and their families we dedicate our effort in the restoration of this chapel. July 1976
Dedicated to the Memory and Valor of the Confederate Soldiers Confederate Memorial Park Higginsville, Missouri June 2, 1935
Missouri's Confederate Soldiers Home dates to the early 1890s. It was conceived as a place of refuge and residence for indigent Confederate veterans, their spouses and minor children. It was the only such facility in the states constructed and ori…
Cottage Row Among the first buildings to be constructed at the Confederate Home of Missouri were small frame houses making up Cottage Row. These three room cottages were located along both sides of the road and served as independent living for ve…
The spot where you are standing was once a potato field farmed by the employees, and to a lesser extent, the residents of the Confederate Home. The Confederate Home Board requested the state legislature to set aside 92 acres of the home's farm unn…